Welcome to our support section. Here you’ll find everything you need to run your contract management in Tagd. If you got any questions whatsoever, drop us a line at our support email. We will reply within 24 hours on workdays.

Quickstart guide

Step 1: Upload Contracts

  • Via email: Email your contracts directly to Tagd.
  • From storage: Upload contracts directly from your hard drive or other storage.
  • From e-signing services: Use automatic links to import contracts that are e-signed.

All your uploaded contracts will be in the Inbox on Tagd’s homepage. These contracts are unprocessed at this stage.

Step 2: Registereing contracts

  • Go to the Inbox on the homepage.
  • Select the contract you want to register.
  • Click on the contract to be redirected to the ‘Register Contract’ page.
  • Read off and register all key data related to the contract.

Your information is stored securely and organized for easy future reference and follow-up.

Step 3: Work with the contracts

All collected data is automatically stored and organized on the contract card.

Navigate to the contract card to see all details and tasks associated with the contract. You can find the contract in the contract list and the list can be filtered using the search function.

If necessary, review, add, or adjust the information and tasks related to the contract on the contract card.

Key data on a contract can also be corrected on the “Register Contract Data” page.

The advantage of making corrections from the “Register Contract Data” page is that you then have the contract open as a PDF file and can easily check relevant data against the original text.

Step 4: Managing and Following up

Tasks: Get tasks color-coded and listed under “Your Tasks” on the Dashboard when it’s time to perform them. You will also receive emails when you have actions to perform in Tagd.

Filtering and Search: Use these features to quickly find specific contracts, view status, and monitor important dates and commitments.

Follow these simple steps to start taking advantage of Tagd’s advanced and user-friendly contract management system.

Detailed Tutorials

Frequently asked questions

Yes, data is handled securely within Europe and there are security measures implemented in Tagd.

More information can be found at and

We strive to continuously improve security in Tagd and use security audits to update how we work.

Tagd is regularly updated and any identified bugs are fixed. We try to carry out updates after office hours to minimize disruptions in Tagd as much as possible. In the case of a major update, Tagd will notify all customers well in advance when this will take place.

If you find a bug or want to suggest improvements, please send an email to We will then promptly fix any bugs and notify you when it’s done.

Suggestions for improvement are appreciated and will be reviewed and evaluated by a development team at Tagd and, if it fits Tagd’s roadmap, included in the development work. We will always get back to you so that you understand how we handle any suggestions.

Files can only be uploaded under the “New Contract” section where it is possible to either upload the contract by browsing and finding the right file on your own computer or do a drag and drop. There is a limitation of 5 documents at a time. Each document will be imported separately.

You need to be an administrator to see and be able to process these documents. In addition, you must be an admin in Verified for this to work.

The service is limited to only handling PDF files.

When you register the contract, you register in the contract box for time no option selected. Fill in a note under the description of the contract that the contract expires when one of the parties chooses to terminate the contract.

You need to be an admin to be able to see and process these files.