We’ve seen the consequences

As founders, we have a long background in e-signing software, compliance, and business law. We’ve seen the problems and challenges up close. We’ve seen the home-made solutions and the fatal consequences of not maintaining a good contract management.

Given the great importance, why hasn’t anyone come up with a sustainable solution to the problem? There are several systems out there there, but hardly anyone use them. We found out why and developed Tagd as a response to the discovered challenges.

A lack of control in contract management

We’ve always been geeky about contracts and fascinated with organizations lack of control in the management of them.

Of course, no one sets out with the aim to neglect their contracts, but they usually end up there sooner or later. And the neglection tends to spread throughout the organization.

The solution: Contract Management on Autopilot

We guess you’ve already figured out that we’ve solved it all. Our discovery of the four key challenges in contract management gave us all the information we needed to create Tagd – our system for hassle-free contract management.

The vision for Tagd is to put Contract Management on Autopilot. You should never again have to worry about your contracts. It should all be completely hassle-free.

Be a part of the future in contract management

We’re just getting started with changing contract management forever. To continue our journey we need geeky, smart, and passionate people just like you.

Curious about working at Tagd? Tell us about yourself and why you’re the perfect match.

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